International Ecological Summer School «Sustainable water use in Western Siberia» 28.07.2014 — 13.08.2014

International Ecological Summer School

«Sustainable water use in Western Siberia»

28.07.2014 - 13.08.2014


Regional Institute for International Cooperation and the Institute of Earth Sciences of Tyumen State University offer students of the following majors-environmental management, geography, natural resources management , geo-ecology , spatial planning , environmental planning-to take part in the two-week International Environmental Summer School in the city of Tyumen.


Location: Tyumen


School dates:  July, 29th – August, 12th

Arrival date: July, 28th 2014.

Final round table: August, 12th

Departure date: August, 13th 2014


The West Siberian Plain is one of the largest lowland plains of the globe. It stretches from the north to the south for more than 3.400 km from the west to the east- for almost 2000 km, its area is more than 3 mln km2. The unique natural environment consists in landscape zoning -from the tundra in the north, the taiga in the middle to the steppe in the south, presence of the vast permafrost zone, abundance of natural resources, mainly hydrocarbons. Western Siberia is rich in water resources – full-flowing rivers, countless lakes, vast marshes, underground reserves of fresh water. There are 45 thousand rivers and brooks and more than 630 thousand lakes.
Due to the increasing technogenic impact, the problem of environmental safety and conservation of water resources is becoming very acute here. Ecosystems of the regional river basins are subjected to strong anthropogenic influence: in the south there is high population density, increasing urbanization and use of new areas for recreation, in the north there is intensive development of oil and gas industry.
Modern water management in the region is formed from a number of industries, the most important of which are water supply of the settlements and industrial plants, water amelioration, water transport, use of water for recreation and tourism. All this presupposes increasing consumption of clean water, pollution of surface water and groundwater.
Tyumen is the administrative and industrial center of the region, located in the south of the taiga zone of Western Siberia. Despite the fact that the city is several hundred kilometers from the nearest oil-producing areas, this is where the head office of most of the oil and gas production and transportation enterprises are. Tyumen State Univesity carries out active environmental work in the region, bringing up environmental issues, participating in international ecological projects, offering multi-level programs for environmental education of students, working professionals, schoolchildren, conducting various environmental actions.
The two-week program of the International Ecological School introduces the major challenges of sustainable water use in Western Siberia, integrating interactive sessions with teachers of the Institute of Earth Sciences, project work, discussions with representatives of environmental authorities, field trips, visiting waterworks facilities, excursions that enable the participants to get acquainted with the nature, landscapes, economy and culture of Tyumen region. The cultural program involves tours around Tyumen and its surrounding areas, to the city of Tobolsk — the center of Russian expansion of Siberia, to the archaeological museum and recreation area of Lake Andreevskoye, to the old Russian village Uspenskoye, etc. Foreign participants are also offered classes of the Russian language. Besides, they will have an opportunity to informally communicate with local people.
We would like the participants to be prepared for hiking in the forest.

The participants are provided with double rooms in a student hostel.

Accommodation in a single room in a student hostel can be provided on

participant’s request (at additional cost).

  • The classes take place in the morning
  • Excursions and project work are planned for the afternoons and weekends.

Host institutions:

Regional Institute for International Cooperation and the Institute of Earth Sciences of Tyumen State University


Postal Address:

Tyumen State University

Regional Institute for International Cooperation

10, Semakova street,

625003, Tyumen, Russia


Application documents:

  • Application
  • Passport (photocopy)
  • Document confirming education (photocopy)
  • Health Insurance
  • CV

Programme Fee (€ 491) includes:

  • Invitation letter for a visa
  • All tuition
  • Excursions
  • Airport or railway transfer (Tyumen, return)
  • Accommodation

Deadlines for application: June, 1st 2014.

Applications are accepted via e-mail:

Tel.: +007 (3452) 455704. Fax: +007 (3452) 455704/455703

If you have any questions, e-mail us:


Detailed programme.


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